Hire Udhayan as a SEO Manager at Komoot

SEO Manager role at Komoot: If you are seeing this page its probably because of the SEO that I did to make it appear in the first page of the search( To be honest! it was really easy, as the keywords were not competitive and thanks to Google’s forever changing smart algorithm that loves unique content which would rank the sites within a few minutes 😉 )

Why should Komoot hire Udhayan as a SEO Manager?

PS: I would like to thank Whoever added this line to the job spec, that made me to go an extra meter(though not a mile)!

Bonus points for: Do something creative with komoot (We love people going the extra mile)

I am an enthusiastic self-motivated quick learner (I know this line is a classical CV cliche)

I have 3+ years of experience in SEO and Digital marketing ( I hope that will second my job application)

I am cross functional: I can do both On-page and Off-page SEO, Strategise social media plans, Run PPC ads(I am a Google certified Adword specialist), Slice & Dice HTML and CSS codes, and basic life saving(JK!) Photoshop skills to design social media or minimalistic posts.

I love to experiment,  be it my life or the anything I do, thats How I believe I can grow and challenge myself to that extra mile!

SEO as my daily routine and expertise

About my current SEO work:

I own a French tech niche site named Huankey, thats just 8 months old(has only 25 posts) but has already outranked a few top tech sites here in France in that niche for most of the keywords. It is appearing in the front page of the search result for these queries Soundhound PC, Flipagram PC, Snapchat PC, emulateur android PC etc.. I am currently in the pursuit of making it a top tech blog in France by beating other competing blogs in France and monetize it in the long run!

And also concurrently I am working on other two sites named Gadgetreviewed.com(Portuguese version of Huankey) for Brazil and Portugal and Paleoforbreakfast.info(Paleo recipes niche site).

Note: I am a beginner in French language and I have no idea about Portuguese( I simply outsource the content but the trick of the trade is, I know how to play with them to make it appear in Search engine result, Just like Love and Music; SEO has no language 😉

And yeah! SEO is ever changing, and I am keeping myself updated in the field  of my interest by knowing a whole lot of new things every single day!

Why Udhayan is interested in working at Komoot?

I am a big fan of outdoor adventurous activities, Being a SEO manager at Komoot would be Jackpot(where my passion meets my favorite hobby)

I have always fancied about being a Digital nomad, Remote working culture option at Komoot really fascinated me(Though I am also willing to work at the office)

It’s a START-UP, I have always opted to work in Start-ups all these years(Though I had job offers from established firms), because I strongly believe that the process and work flow in Start-ups are really transparent and the possibilities to learn thing news are insanely infinite. Moreover, I dont want to be a spec of an already established Big firm but rather be a part of a Start-up with a radical vision and contribute my part to make it Big!

Why Komoot can consider Udhayan for the SEO Manager role?

I am cross-functional, I dont want to be this someone who would stick to his only job role and confines his ability to contribute and learn new things. Me being cross functional, would be highly resourceful to the company and vice versa!

I love challenges and an ardent lover of adventure. Mundane things really turn me off!

I know it really involves a lot of paper work to hire a non-EU applicant (CUZ I KNOW I AM NOT A LOCAL APPLICANT AND SO IS KOMOOT, WHICH IS NOT JUST A LOCAL BRAND)

If all these parameters convinced you guys to consider my application for the SEO Manager role at Komoot, I would be more than happy to get a call from you guys!

If not, thats okay its all a part and parcel of the job! Obviously, I will be little disappointed(for a max of 10 seconds) but move on with other things 😉 !

Thanks for you time!

Hoping to be a part of your team!


Udhayan Venugopal – Future SEO Manager at Komoot(Hopefully!) 😉

vg.udhayan@gmail.com | +33695591969


Grenoble, France

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